Microcomputer Technology Program

With the industrial advancement of the modern world, companies are always in need of skilled computer savvy workers.  Companies compete for having the best product and the most satisfied customers. The most important part of any company is its essential basic element, "Its Employees".


A motivated, skilled and pleasant employee is considered to be an asset to any firm. Therefore, due to the extreme increase of the advanced office equipment, "Computers", companies are in need of skilled workers who can utilize office automated equipment for the purpose of typing letters or forms, performing accounting, desktop publishing, updating and maintaining company data, etc… The program's objective is to prepare you with the skills necessary to enter the job market in the fields of: Office Automation, Desktop publishing, Computer Support Assistant, Executive Assistant, Computer Operator, Business Office Personnel, and Data Entry Specialist.




The Computer age is developing and advancing fast now is the time to be trained for current and future career opportunities.







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